Social Distancing Rules For the Brick & Mortar Store

Thank  you for supporting our business in these frightening and unprecedented times.  It means more to us than I can ever possibly express.  

In order to keep both customers and our employees safe we have put the following rules in place for visiting the brick and mortar store (located at 726 Mohawk Trail, Milford, Ohio).  As we move forward, we will be continuously evaluating the Covid-19 situation and will adjust these rules accordingly.

"Knit on with confidence and hope through all crises." - Elizabeth Zimmermann

1. We will be closing 1 hour earlier to deep clean.  The new shop hours are M-Sa 10am - 5pm.

2.  Face masks/coverings are required  for all customers entering the store.  You will notice our employees will be wearing face masks also.  Customers should maintain a six foot distance from other customers and employees.

3.  The customer bathroom will not be available during this time.  

4.  Social knitting is limited to 4 people around the table inside to allow 6 foot social distance.

5. We are working with a minimal staff.  Help with knitting projects and yarn-winding services are not currently available.

8.  We will be providing phone orders and curbside pickup for those customers uncomfortable with coming into the store.  Simply give us a call at (513) 248-0752.  We'd love to hear from you!