About Us


We are an independent dye studio specializing in dyeing beautiful and vibrant colors on luxury yarns and fibers

We are passionate about providing fiber artists with a color palette limited only by their imagination and the tools, inspiration, and knowledge to create the fiber masterpieces of their dreams.




Located just outside Cincinnati in the small town of Milford, Ohio, our brick & mortar store is filled to the brim with magnificent colors ranging from clear bright jewel tones to over a dozen sophisticated greys...and every hue in between. We dye our color palette on only the highest quality yarns and spinning fibers, selected for their superior staple length and ultrafine micron count, and then blended to optimize their tactile qualities. Scientific research is at the heart of our dyeing procedure, and we conduct extensive trials to find the very best dye set conditions, reflected in the rich hues, wash-fastness, and color nuances found in each braid of fiber or skein of yarn.




   We source custom-spun yarns and breed-specific fibers directly from the best spinning mills and fiber distribution houses world-wide and make them available to knitters, crocheters, spinners, felters, and weavers. Our shop features our absolute favorite colors on yarns and fibers, as well as an extensive selection of undyed fiber, tools (from knitting needles to spinning wheels and floor looms), patterns, accessories, and gifts for the fiber artist.






Community is the soul of our business, and we are blessed to spend our days working with a wonderful team of people who share a common vision of putting beautiful and unique yarns and fibers into the hands of knitters, spinners, weavers, and crocheters.  We all strive, in everything we do, to provide the highest quality customer experience.


Fireplace Garden Path

Cafe table


We are dedicated to providing beautiful gathering spaces for fiber artists to come and meet and inspire one another, whether in front of a roaring stone fireplace in the winter, at cafe tables among the flowers in the dyers' garden or knitting on the cool veranda gliders in the heat of summer.  

We believe in sharing our knowledge through numerous workshops, from free beginner classes to  advanced intensive workshops taught by world renown artists.  With a wider perspective than simply knitting, our classes focus on a diverse range of topics, including various weaving techniques, fiber preparations, crochet, felting, ecoprinting, dyeing, spinning, and yes...even knitting.