Breathe and Hope designed by Casapinka

This store model was knit by Kimber between through May and early June 2020.  You can read about it in her knitting journal PAGES. The colors used were a single skein each of the multi-colored 'Printemps' and semi-solid aqua 'Bahama Mama'. 


The shawl is knit using 2 different needle sizes, with a smaller needle size used on certain sections containing knit into the stitch below directions and a larger needle for the slipped stitch sections.  The directions state to select needle sizes that are 2 US sizes apart, but you may wish to swatch each section before knitting since I found that I was much looser in the knit into the stitch below sections than 2 US needle sizes would accommodate.  My gauge required that my knitting needles be 4 sizes apart in order to lay flat!!!  It's worth spending a bit of time getting it right before starting since I ripped out half of the project and reknit it because the needle sizes were incorrect. My friend, Linda, used higher contrast colors (Kaleidoscope for the multi-colored yarn and Lilac for the solid) which depict the how the design of the alternating sections changes directions, shown below:


My second tip is to read the pattern thoroughly before beginning, including the knitting abbreviations, since some abbreviations that are standard in other patterns have a different meaning here.  I'm thinking specifically of the abbreviation k1b, which I've always seen used for 'knit one into the back of the stitch', but here it is used to mean 'knit one into the stitch below'.  Again, it's worth spending the time to read over everything before starting, since, here again, I ended up ripping back a significant portion of the shawl because I was knitting into the back of the stitch.


These were the only 2 difficulties I encountered knitting this shawl.  Once I got the hang of it, the pattern was quite easy to knit and I love the finished product!  This is an ideal little shawl to dress up any summer outfit!