Beeline Shawl designed by Amanda Scheuzger

This store model was knit by Kimber between late March and mid April 2020 during the stay-at-home orders for Coronavirus.  You can read about it in her knitting journal PAGES. The main color used is Toasted Almond and the six pack collection is Ensemble. There are so many wonderful color combinations that work for this shawl.  We've put together a few ideas for you HERE but the possibiliites are nearly limitless so you should definitely feel free to play around with your own combinations of SIX PACK COLLECTIONS with a SEMI-SOLID main color.

Before you begin knitting this, make sure you are VERY careful to hit gauge because, as the designer warns you, this shawl is designed to use nearly every inch of yarn and if you are off in your gauge, it's likely you are going to run out of yarn.  Take it from me, she's not exagerating - I hit gauge and finished the shawl with 28.5 inches of the main color!  If you really hate the idea of working a gauge swatch, you should pick up an extra skein of the main color, plan on making the shawl smaller, or select a different project altogether!  

Once you come to terms with the idea of knitting a gauge swatch before you begin, the knitting of the shawl is fabulously fun and interesting without being too difficult.  There are slipped stitches which help inter-mingle the various colors in the gradient six pack collection since they are carried up as cables in the third section. The fourth section contains easy lace sections separated by some garter stitch rows of the main color.  The colors change frequently enough that, even though this is a LARGE shawl, the knitter is never forsaken in the 'black hole' of knitting forever without seeing apparent progress which can sometimes happen with larger projects of this size.

Speaking of large, blocking this beast is an undertaking - my shawl required three 5 foot folding tables to hold it and even then, the corner tips hung over a few inches.  The positives of a super large shawl-blanket (shlanket if you prefer) is the wonderful coziness of it!!!  I had the pleasure of enjoying it for a couple of days before turning it over for it's official duty as a shop model and spent hours early each chilly morning curled up in it with a cup of coffee on the back porch watching the sunrise.  Sheer bliss!