Unified Gradients


Unified gradients are dyed on one continuous strand of 80% Superwash Merino/10% Cashmere/10% Nylon) fingering weight yarn. Short length (255 yards) and long length (470 yards) skeins, along with terminal colors allow the yardage to be customized for a majority of knitting designs.

Suggestions for how to combine the gradient and terminal colors for a variety of projects can be found here:YARN AMOUNT SUGGESTIONS FOR GRADIENTS.

Options for two sizes of skeins are available:

Short (255 yards) - Useful for smaller projects such as socks, mittens, and sweater sleeves. Note that one small unified gradient will knit one sock.  A pair of matching socks will require 2 small unified gradient skeins. 

Long (470 yards) -  Ideal for larger projects such as shawls and sweater bodies.  Dyed in lots of 6 so the knitter can alternate 2 skeins between rows/rounds for gradient progression in projects requiring even larger yardage.

Terminal Semi-solid Colors: Matching semi-solid skeins of the terminal colors are also available to customize your amount of yarn. Links are provided in the colorway description for each gradient to its corresponding terminal colors.