Virtual Maryland Sheep & Wool

Welcome to the Virtual Maryland Sheep & Wool!

FREE (domestic) SHIPPING on all orders until May 12th.

These items are what have been dyed since mid-April.  When a virtual festival ends, we stock the online store with those items, just as we normally would restock the brick & mortar store after a IRL festival.  Maryland Sheep & Wool is our 3rd virtual festival for 2020 and there are hundreds of items new for 2020 that have been stocked throughout the website.  Please explore at will, just as you would in our booth. 

You will notice that some of the items in this offering are available only for PREORDER.  This is due to the slowed productivity in April due to the stay-at-home order for the state of Ohio where we are located.  In an abundance of caution to keep everyone here safe, we moved home as much as possible and offset work schedules, resulting in a bit less dyed yarn but much healthier people!  PREORDER items are currently in production and will be shipped on or before their estimated ship date.  If your order contains a PREORDER item it will be shipped when the order is complete.  If you place multiple orders, we will combine orders to facilitate shipping.

This website was launched March 29th, 2020 and is still in it's infancy.  There is a gallery with a couple of items and new ones added every couple of weeks as time permits.  Later this month we'll be adding in a Chalkboard section to the home menu with short written explanations to science-y questions related to the fiber arts.  The website is ever-evolving and the only certainty is that next week there will always be something new and different to explore. 

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